Rumilife CAL24


Fast release calcium

  • Calcium chloride is quickly digested and passively absorbed through the rumen wall.
  • Rapidly increases calcium levels in the blood more than Calcium Carbonate and Calcium Propionate.' Click here for printable pdf.

Two forms of calcium transfer

  • Passive transfer by calcium chloride in the rumen.
  • Active transfer facilitated by Vitamin D in the small intestine.

Sustained release tested to last 24 hours

  • Includes Calmin, a combination of highly absorbable calcium and magnesium new to the calcium bolus industry.
  • Includes highly absorbable magnesium, which is critical for the proper regulation of calcium absorption over time.
  • The combination of Calmin and Vitamin D enable RumiLife® CAL24TM nutritional supplement to support high blood calcium levels for an extended amount of time.

Jersey tested, all cows approved

  • At 100g of calcium per dose, RumiLife® CAL24TM nutritional supplement is one of the highest single-serving calcium supplement options on the market.
  • Tested to promote blood calcium levels for 24 hours in Jerseys.
  • Missile-shaped and coated for ease of swallowing.

(1) Golf, J.P. and R. L. Horst. 1993. Oral administration of calcium salts
      for treatment of hypocalcemia in cattle. J. Dairy Sci. 76:101-108.

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