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Welcome to MyAgSource.com

Why use MyAgSourceTM?
Flexibility - If you are receiving your reports via paper, you've probably said to yourself once or twice how nice it would be if the report layout looked different, or perhaps how nice it would be to combine data from separate reports. MyAgSource gives you that ability. Not just a report viewer, MyAgsource allows users to sort, filter, and export data to get the look and feel that they want.

Herd and Individual Cow Data - MyAgSource not only gives you access to management reports, but also allows you to view individual cow data. If you want more information about a cow when looking at Production, Genetic, Udder Health or the Fresh Cow List, just click on her ID. A pop-up box
will appear, giving you access to current and past lactation events, test day results, Cow, Dam and Sire identification, as well as graphing capabilities.

DHI Members, register for a FREE 60 day trial of MyAgSource, click here.

MyAgSource-graph2-web.jpgMonitor month-to-month performance changes on your MyAgSource Home Page

  • Identify which reports and graphs to look at first
  • 20 Key Management Metrics
  • Visual recognition of changes
  • Red - needs attention
    Green - improvement from month prior
    Yellow - no change from month prior

  • Benchmarking
    Compare against 80th percentile herds of your size

Options Currently Available via MyAgsource: Summary Reports: Herd Summary, Herd Report Card, Udder Health Management Summary and Cow List, Fresh Cow Summary and Cow List, MUN Summary (must test for MUN to receive data on the MUN Summary)

Production: Test Day Results, Lactations to Date, ME Lactation Rankings, 305-365 Lactations, Current Status

Genetics: Cow, Heifer and Progeny Genetic Selection Guides,
PTA Cow and Heifer Reports, Genetic Summary Report

Identification: Monthly Animal ID, Annual Cow and Heifer ID

Lab Results:
Johne's and Milk Pregnancy

  1. MyAgSource Core: Free
    Essential animal data for your everyday needs, including individual cow
    lookup, laboratory diagnostic results, a herd performance overview
    comparing current test to previous test as well as bulk tank contribution.
  2. MyAgSource Choice: Pay for the reports you choose + $15 per month
    Includes basic features described above, a customized selection of herd management reports, the ability to compare your herd's metrics to other AgSource herds using the customizable benchmarking feature and access to historical reports.
  3. MyAgSource Complete: $30 per month plus $.35/cow with a max of $350
    Unleash the full power of your cow and herd records with this version.
    ALL of your data, current and historical, is at your fingertips.
  4. MyAgSource Connect: $10/herd/month with a max of $50
    Professional consultant access to complete herd information allows for a
    team‑based management approach. With permission, consultants are granted
    access to complete records for all of the herds they serve for a flat monthly fee.

AgSourceDM users receive a $15/month discount if also enrolled on MyAgSource Complete