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Invoice & Payment Options

Invoicing and Payment Options

Thank you for choosing AgSource Laboratories for your testing needs!

Invoicing Options

Our standard invoicing policy is to invoice on a weekly basis. Clients also have the option to receive monthly invoices. Invoices can be sent as paper copies in the mail or electronic copies via email.  

Which options work best for your business?

  • Frequency
    • Weekly invoices
    • Monthly invoices
  • Format
    • Paper copies in the mail
    • Electronic copies emailed

Invoices - contain itemized information on tests performed and their resulting costs. The invoice takes into account important details such as sales tax and volume sample discounts. Always reference your invoice number with your payment to ensure all credits are properly applied to your balance. Click here to see an example invoice.

Monthly Statements - are sent once a month and contain a summary of that month's billing activity. To avoid duplicate payments, please do not make payments based on monthly statement balances. Statements are meant to give an overview of invoices and payments and are sent once a month to all customers in the same format that is chosen for invoices (mail or email). Click here to see an example monthly statement.

Electronic Invoicing Option

AgSource is equipped to send customer invoices and monthly statements directly to you via email. With electronic invoicing, we will be able to help our environment by reducing paper waste, and at the same time, streamline the billing process. 

Signing up for electronic invoicing is easy! Simply send an email request to agsacctreceivable@agsource.com with the subject line: Send me Electronic Invoices.

Tips for Receiving Invoices via Email 

Keep your email address current: It would be best to send emails to a general email address that multiple users can access instead of the emails going to a specific person. An example would be ap@yourcompany.com that several people could access in the event of employee turnover.

Check your email security settings: If you do not receive invoice or statement, you may need to check your email security settings. If security settings are too high, AgSource emails may be blocked. Your spam settings may also be the reason emails aren't being received. If neither your security settings nor spam filters appear to be blocking the emails, please contact our billing department to verify the information provided is correct in our system.

Payment Options

We accept the following methods of payment:

  • Cash
  • Check
  • Credit Card
  • ACH
  • Wire
  • Direct Payment Withdrawal
  • Prepayment

For more information on payment methods other than cash or check, please contact our billing department.

Can I pay from my monthly statement?

It is recommended that you pay from your invoice since the invoice is a specific document that can be referenced when applying payments, whereas a statement is only a summary of activity as of a certain point in time. Due dates are also based off of the invoice and not the statement.

For questions regarding billing issue or payment concern...

The billing department would be able to answer questions regarding billing or your account balance. Our billing department hours are Monday-Friday, 7:00am-4:30pm CST. We will respond to all emails or voicemails within 24 hours of receiving them.

Thank you for your business!