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SoilTestPro-Fall Sampling


Take Control of Your Data

AgSource is pleased to offer an easy and affordable way to better manage your soil's fertility. Using Soil Test Pro and AgSource's analysis, precision soil sampling is easier than ever and puts YOU in control of your nutrient management needs.

What's included?

  • Lab Results
  • Lab Analysis Maps
  • Soil Nutrient Maps
  • Soil Type Maps
  • Recommendations
  • Variable Rate Prescriptions
  • Controller Files

Easy as 1, 2, 3...
Click here to view Soil Test Pro's ‘12 Easy Steps' hand-out

  1. Download Soil Test Pro on your iPhone or Android device.
  2. Order your sampling supplies.
  3. Jump into the app and select the fields you need to sample.
  4. Choose AgSource Laboratories (NE) nutrient analysis package that you desire.
  5. Sample your field.
  6. Save your sampling job and sync your mobile device to your desktop.
  7. Submit samples to AgSource Laboratories in Lincoln, Neb.

Advantages of AgSource

AgSource Laboratories specializes in professional, independent laboratory testing and information management services for the agricultural industry. 

We understand that you need the most up to date soil nutrient analysis information in order to make the best possible management decisions.

  • Experienced - experts in soil testing for over 50 years
  • Reliable - we've built a reputation for accurate results
  • Timely - guaranteed turnaround in 3 business days
  • Convenient - from prepaid shipping to online reports, we have you covered

Benefit of Soil Test Pro

  • Free software. Mobile app and desktop access.
  • Easily sample 1,000 acres a day
  • Draw your fields on your Web Headquarters or use the Soil Test Pro App to GPS your boundaries in the field
  • Sample with or without cellular connection
  • View and print lab results and maps
  • Customer service and agronomists are available to assist all your needs

To reach Soil Test Pro, visit SoilTestPro.com
Email Info@SoilTestPro.com • Call 866.761.8001

Act today!
Two convenient ways to order supplies:

     - Call AgSource Laboratories at 402-476-0300, and mention this mailing.
     - Submit an order online at www.agsource.com/Fall2015SoilSupplies  

Improve fertilizer management in 2016: Properly identifying nutrient levels with a soil sample can help you make the best management decisions. Higher than average input costs and lower projected commodity prices are just two factors that support the benefits of soil testing.

If you have any questions about soil, plant tissue, water or manure testing, do not hesitate to contact Jacob at jniewohner@agsource.com or 402-380-8372.

We look forward to working with you!

Testing today for a BETTER TOMORROW.    Soil ● Plant ● Water