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Testing Options

Testing Options

Fertility Content

Total nitrogen, ammonium nitrogen, phosphorus(as P2O5),  potassium(as K2O)  and sulfur. 

Other  Nutrients 

Calcium, Magnesium, Copper, Iron, Manganese, Sodium, Sulfur and Zinc


Dry matter, pH,  Soluble Salts(or Electrical conductivity )

Liquid manure results reported on lbs/1000 gal basis. Solid manure reported on lbs/ton basis.

For laboratory specific information, please contact AgSource.

AgSource Laboratories - Bonduel, WI715-758-2178 bonduel@agsource.com
AgSource Laboratories - Ellsworth, IA 515-836-4444ellsworth@agsource.com
AgSource Laboratories - Lincoln, NE 402-476-0300 lincoln@agsource.com
AgSource Laboratories - Umatilla, OR541-922-4894 umatilla@agsource.com