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Manure Analysis


Manure is a valuable resource for producers. When applied to cropland, manure can provide nutrients necessary for crop production, improve soil structure and reduce commercial fertilizers needed to obtain maximum yields.

Manure analysis is an excellent way to improve manure management as a fertilizer source while increasing profitability. Also, it is the best way to develop accurate nutrient management plans and reduce negative environmental effects. And, with increased regulations, proper manure management is critical. 

Using book values for nutrient contents can cause over or underestimate nutrient values, resulting in lost money on unnecessary fertilizer or lower yields. An Iowa State survey of manure pits identified extreme variation in manure nutrients. While book values can be helpful, knowing the exact nutrients in the manure is much better. Variation from book values could be related to bedding, rations, water usage, season and rainfall. 

AgSource offers a variety of manure analysis packages for increased flexibility and the confidence you need to maximize your resources.

Analyzing your manure is the first step to effectively using its nutrients and reducing negative environmental impacts; however, laboratory results are only valuable if they are properly implemented. If you have questions regarding your analysis, please contact one of our laboratories nearest you listed below: 

For laboratory specific information regarding manure analysis, test packages/supplies, technical bulletins, sampling guides or feature reports please contact us:

AgSource Laboratories - Bonduel, WI715-758-2178 bonduel@agsource.com