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Sampling Procedures

Sampling Procedures

Manure Sampling Guide 

Accurate analysis is dependant on correct sampling procedures. Sample collection, preparation and shipping can influence the results. Poorly handled samples do not result in accurate analysis of the manure's nutrients. Therefore, efforts should be made to take a representative sample and record the time between sample collection and arrival at the laboratory.

Semi-Solid Manure from Spreader

Collect a composite sample from several areas of the spreader(s) and thoroughly mix the composite samples using a plastic pail or wheelbarrow. Fill the plastic sample jar half-full or to the fill line.

Solid Manure from a Stack

Take samples at least 18 to 24 inches into the stack or storage from 6 to 10 locations. Mix and sample as above.

Liquid Manure

Agitate pit or holding area for a minimum of 2 to 4 hours. Then, using a small bucket with a cover on a pole, collect a composite sampler from 6 to 10 different areas of the pit. Thoroughly mix the composite sample by pouring back and forth between two 5 gallon pails four to five times. Collect the sample in the provided plastic jar, fill half-full or to the fill line.

Sample Size

Use the provided one-half pint container. Or, use a one pint plastic container and fill it only half-full. Freeze the contents and ship it early in the week to ensure timely delivery to the laboratory.

Information Sheet

Complete the sheet with the farm information, sample identification and analysis to be performed. Fill out one sheet for each sample.

Preparing Sample for Shipping

All samples should be frozen. AgSource can furnish mailing boxes for 1,2 or 3 samples. Place the frozen sample jar inside the provided zip-lock plastic bag in the shipping box along with the information sheet. If you use the mailer boxes, the postage cost will be billed back to you.

(Glass containers are not accepted)

For laboratory specific information regarding manure analysis, test packages/supplies, technical bulletins, or sampling guides please contact one of our laboratories nearest you listed below:

Laboratory Locations:

AgSource Laboratories - Bonduel, WI715-758-2178 bonduel@agsource.com
AgSource Laboratories - Ellsworth, IA 515-836-4444ellsworth@agsource.com
AgSource Laboratories - Lincoln, NE 402-476-0300 lincoln@agsource.com
AgSource Laboratories - Umatilla, OR541-922-4894 umatilla@agsource.com