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Send phosphatase samples, thermometers or pipettors to AgSource Laboratories, and your samples will be tested or calibrated and returned within 48 hours.

When there is no time to waste, AgSource can help by providing the following services:


Do you need a thermometer or pipettor calibrated?  AgSource can calibrate equipment and instruments to ensure testing accuracy. We offer:

  • Pipette Calibration
  • Thermometer Calibration

Phosphatase Testing

Did you break a seal on your pasteurizer? In the event of a broken pasteurizer seal, we provide phosphatase testing services. Call for more details or click here to learn more.   

Pasteurized Waste Milk Analysis

This analysis is available to producers with on-farm pasteurization units to determine proper unit function. Many dairy producers pasteurize waste milk and feed it to their calves. If on- farm pasteurization unit malfunctions, calves may become sick and die before the producer realizes what happened. AgSource provides this test to minimize or prevent these losses. This analysis was developed in conjunction with the UW Ag Research Station in Marshfield, Wis.

AgSource Laboratories - Marshfield, WI715-898-1402