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Each year, mastitis infections cost dairies millions of dollars in lost revenue. Correct identification can aid in eliminating the causes of mastitis. For more information about controlling mastitis, Click Here 

Rapid DNA Analysis

Using milk samples from the bulk tank or individual cow, our rapid DNA test can determine the specific pathogen present.

Culturing - Individual Cow & Bulk Tank Cultures

To meet the needs of every producer, a variety of different cultures are available. Cultures can be used to screen a herd for contagious pathogens, determine causes and treatment strategies for clinical cases and evaluate treatment protocol success or failure. Individual cultures are most useful if used in combination with bulk tank cultures.

            Staph Cultures - Staph species and Staph aureus

            Staph and Strep Cultures - Staph aureus, Staph species, Strep species and Strep agalactiae

            Mycoplasma Cultures - Mycoplasma species

Forms & Information:

Individual Cow Culture Sampling Procedure Order Culture Kits
Bulk Tank Culture Sampling Procedure   Milk Culture Request Form 
Mastitis Pathogen Control MeasuresSample Report 
Analyzing Results 

Sensitivity Analysis

After mastitis-causing bacteria are isolated, AgSource offers sensitivity tests to determine resistance patterns for eight different antibiotics. While lab results do not always have the same effectiveness in the cow's udder, if a pathogen is resistant to an antibiotic in the lab, the producer can avoid using this antibiotic, and instead, choose one that is more likely to be successful in treating the infection

Utilize a sensitivity test to help determine antibiotic treatment options.

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