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CalvesResting-2012.jpgWelcome to the *NEW* GSG Progeny Report, the most recent addition to the Genetic Selection Guide line-up. The Progeny Report gives producers a chance to review genetic information about future progeny before the calves are actually born. 

The report offers up to 8 months worth of progeny data, including an estimation of where progeny will genetically rank based on their expected NM$ value. Having information available prior to birth will allow producers to make projections about how many calves to keep, which calves to keep, and which calves could be genomically tested. Knowing ahead of time which calves you wish to keep will reduce expenses and provide opportunities for genomic testing and optimize genetic progress.

The overall concept of the Progeny Report is similar to the GSG's Cow Report and Heifer Report, but the process for establishing quartiles is different. NM$ Quartiles in this report are based on NM$ deviation from either a monthly, 3 month, or 9 month average. The use of 1 month, versus 3 month or 9 months, is based on the size of the herd.  

Please refer to the example report in Figure 3. Block A shows the number of progeny due by month and average NM$ value used to calculate the NM$ deviation. Block C displays the progeny sorted by "Date Due". Cows due within the next 40 days are highlighted in a teal color. NM$ values are shown for the dam, sire and calf.  Similar to the Cow and Heifer report, the estimated NM$ value for each calf will be highlighted. Supporting information such as pedigree and dam production data is listed for each of the progeny if available.

The GSG and all other AgSource reports are available on MyAgSource. Information can be sorted, exported and is available whenever you need it online. Click here to see the demo page for the Genetic Selection Guides for progeny. 

Read more about the GSG Progeny Report (PDF)

Block ABlock BBlock C