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Management MUN Summary


Management MUN is the product of recent research on over 400,000 AgSource MUN records studied by dairy scientists at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Researchers found that cows metabolize protein quite differently based on a number of factors. For example, herds sampled in the evening average a full mg/dl higher MUN than those tested in the morning.  The average Holstein MUN was 12.8 mg/dl while Brown Swiss averaged 14.6 and  Jerseys averaged 14.4.

There are also large variations based on season. Past MUN interpretation guidelines, recommending establishing a baseline MUN over several months, are found to be counterproductive. In addition, typical MUN values increase as milk production rises to 85 pounds per day. First and later lactation cows have significantly different MUN values, as well. A smaller factor affecting a cow's MUN is frequency of milking.  AgSource's Management MUN Summary is the world's only MUN tool that takes all of these variables into consideration.

The Management MUN Summary is designed as a ration evaluation tool. Dairies feeding multiple rations may want to have separate Management MUN Summaries run for each group. Using AgSource's Temporary Strings Option, you can move cows into different strings (groups) each month to mirror the actual movement of your herd into different pens. 

Each cow has her Management MUN calculated. The Management MUN Summary graphs illustrate how well the ration fits that particular group of cows. Management MUN calculations are only available for Holsteins, Jerseys and Brown Swiss.

During the first 35 days in milk, the Management MUN values are affected more by fat mobilization and the transition period than the current ration cows are eating. Consequently, Management MUN is only calculated for cows that have been milking more than 35 days.

Management MUN Summaries are Optional Reports available exclusively to AgSource members. In addition to the report charge, there also is a charge for the individual cow MUN analysis.

For more detailed explanations of the Management MUN Summary, click here

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