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NuLife ReBOUND During Times of Stress!

HELP Your Cows and Calves ReBOUND During Times of Stress!
By: Dr. Dan DuBourdieu, Vets Plus, Inc


Most - if not all - producers know having cows and calves under stress can rob an operation of profits. These stressors can occur for a variety of reasons, ranging from diseases and injury to normal production events, such as vaccinations or shipping/receiving. During times of stress, it is common for animals to experience loss of appetite. However, the right supplements can help animals better manage stress, resume eating normally and maintain performance.

NuLife® ReBOUNDTM, available from AgSource, is a new method to aid cows and calves in maintaining appetite and healthy digestion during such times of stress. The use of ReBOUNDTM can improve profitability levels of sick or stressed animals and help maintain the well-being of currently healthy animals.

How does NuLife® ReBOUNDTM work?
ReBOUNDTM has a quadruple mode of action to help maintain appetite and a healthy digestive system in cows. The ReBOUNDTM formula contains a synergistic blend of superior rumen direct fed microbials (DFMs), enzymes, and specialized peptide nutritional factors.

  • Unique DFMs out-compete pathogens for space and nutrients, thus leading to production of B vitamins to help maintain appetite.
  • Enzymes aid in maintaining fiber digestion and nutrient utilization, thereby facilitating dry matter intake and production. They also assist in sustaining rumen fungi and microflora, which can increase lactic acid utilization and help retain normal rumen pH.
  •  Helps maintain over health.
  • Specialized peptide nutritional factors help maintain beneficial microflora growth, while allowing animals to achieve normal health status. When dry matter intake is maintained during periods of stress, sick animals get back on feed sooner and healthy animals stay healthy through better feed utilization and natural immunity.
What does NuLife® ReBOUNDTM do for the animal?
ReBOUNDTM helps maintain normal levels of beneficial bacteria in the rumen and lower gut to improve nutrient intake and utilization. It also limits negative energy balance and maintains feed efficiency through a healthy digestive system. Healthy animals are better equipped to absorb required nutrients, resist infections and perform better, potentially leading to higher production in cows and better growth in calves.
ReBOUNDTM can also help maintain protein supply due to a greater number of rumen microbes, which increases the supply of bypass protein. Intestinally-digestible rumen bypass protein is critical to sustaining high levels of milk production. ReBOUNDTM helps maintain milk yield and lactation persistency, while reducing sick days.

Efficacy of NuLife®
ReBOUNDTM is proven.

ReBOUNDTM for cows and calves has been used extensively and is ideal for animals experiencing stress. Stress occurs during periods of sickness following calving, weaning, feed changes, weather changes, vaccination, antibiotic therapy, post surgery, nutritional challenges, etc.

ReBOUNDTM can be a useful tool to help maintain production  and profitability of a dairy operation. It is available in powder, paste and capsule forms to suit various operations and customer preference.

To purchase NuLife ReBOUND and Oral Electrolytes, contact your local AgSource representative or call 1-800-236-0097.