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Comprehensive NMPs

Comprehensive NMPs

MapPlot-1-web-2012.jpgComprehensive Nutrient Management Plans (CNMPs) 

Specifically developed for livestock operations, CNMPs record the strategies and practices adopted to address on-farm natural resource concerns; specifically concerns related to soil erosion, livestock manure and disposal of organic by-products. The development of a CNMP begins with a comprehensive engineering and conservation planning resource assessment of current site conditions. Management options and structural alternatives are developed to address resource concerns identified during the assessment.

MapPlot-2-web-2012.jpgHow Plans are Developed

Plans are developed with one-on-one discussions with the farm owner or manager.  Many plans require more than one visit to the farm. Working together, our customers and our planners will review the operation goals and develop a plan to meet those goals, as well as all necessary government rules and regulations. The final plan is always read and reviewed with the farmer. We take time to do this to ensure the plan is fully understood and meets set goals and expectations.