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Nutrient Management Plans

Nutrient Management Plans

NMP-Consulting-web-2012.jpgBenefits of Nutrient Management Planning:

  • Properly credit sources of N, P and K
  • Avoid fertilizer over-application
  • Improve net profits
  • Protect water quality
  • Meet regulatory requirements

A sound NMP will allow growers to meet environmental regulations and maximize profitability. NMPs include the 590 and NR243 plans. NMPs are a set of conservation practices designed to use fertilizer and/or manure to effectively provide needed crop nutrients while protecting against the potential adverse impacts of manure, erosion and organic byproducts on water quality.

How Plans are Developed

Plans are tailored to the individual operation and developed one-on-one with the farm owner or manager. Many plans require more than one visit to the farm. Working together, our customers and our planners will review the operation goals and discuss a plan to meet those goals, as well as all necessary government rules and regulations. The final plan is always read and reviewed with the farmer. We take time to do this so to ensure the plan is fully understand and meets set goals and expectations.

Components of NMP from AgSource:

 1. Narrative
 2. Field Maps
 3. Nutrient Spreading Plan
 4. Restriction Maps
 5. Manure Spreader Calibration/Manure Equivalency Chart
 6. Nutrient Management Plan
 7. Soil Testing
 8. Manure Testing
 9. 590 NMP Assessment
10. Emergency Information
11. Record Keeping Logs