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Dairy Records Processing Center

Dairy Records Processing Center

AgSource is the DHI industry's innovation leader. Using exclusive reports like the Fresh Cow Summary and the Management MUN Summary along with cutting edge Internet products like AgSourceDM.com, DairyHand.com, and DairyCOMP305 files on the Loop, AgSource members and their advisors have a wide selection of information to make better decisions and more profit. The attractive multi-colored reports, another AgSource exclusive, are easier to read and quickly highlight key herd management numbers.

AgSource maintains an uncompromising commitment to accuracy and fast turnaround. As producers, you need information now and you do not need to worry if the numbers on your reports are accurate. AgSource is dedicated to our members' peace of mind.

If you would like to become an AgSource member or customer, there are a number of options.

If you are a producer in AgSource's service area (Wisconsin, Minnesota, northern Illinois, northern Iowa, Idaho and some parts of Michigan):

  • Visit the DHI Field Service Areas section of the website and contact the representative in your area.
  • Call AgSource at (800) 236-4995
  • Click on the Contact Us link and e-mail AgSource

AgSource can provide field, laboratory and processing service for you.

If you are a producer outside of AgSource's service area:

  • Ask your present DHI field provider to process your herd at AgSource.
  • Either you or your DHI provider can call AgSource at 800-236-4995 or e-mail info@agsource.com for more information.

AgSource can provide you all the cutting edge management reports featured on this website, and you will have full access to AgSource's Internet based products while you continue to use your present DHI field service and laboratory.

If you are a DHI provider anywhere in the world:

  • Your customers can access their data electronically as soon as it is processed. AgSource also can mail printed reports.
  • Call AgSource at 800-236-4995 or e-mail info@agsource.com for more information.

Your customers can continue using their present DHI field and laboratory service and receive AgSource's industry-leading, printed reports and Internet based products.