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Products & Services

AgSource is your comprehensive, full-service testing cooperative.  From soil and forage analysis to finished product testing, AgSource provides a range of testing packages and service options to meet your management needs.  AgSource employees are highly trained and qualified to employ the industry accepted laboratory testing methods while utilizing state-of-the-art instrumentation.

But, AgSource is much more than a testing resource. Our customer service, personalized education, state-of-the art facilities, on-line results, full-time laboratory staff and follow-up resources makes us the industry's leading innovator of laboratory analysis relationships.

Agronomy - Our specialists offer technical assistance to establish laboratories to analyze the following: soil, plant tissues, manure, forages and feed grains. In addition, AgSource is one of the leading providers of tissue analysis in the United States with extensive services to major commodity groups and specialty crops. 

DHI Services - AgSource is the largest, full-service DHI provider in the United States. AgSource provides on-farm milk recording and sampling services, laboratory analysis, data processing and distribution of management information. This experience allows CRI to offer affiliates assistance in milk recording, management information programming, and developing record processing and/or milk component testing programs.

Food and Environmental Testing - This division is the largest independent milk payment testing service in Wisconsin. The laboratory provides comprehensive milk culturing and sensitivity testing to aid in milk quality and mastitis control.  In addition, we provide milk standard calibration sets to milk labs nationwide.  Milk and water samples are tested for a range of specifications to meet your individual needs.  Analytical services are available for various finished food products including nutritional labeling, vitamin testing and yeast/mold identification.