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How To - Genetic Selection Guide

  • Access the online Genetic Selection Guide
  • Select Cow Report
  • Set Filter - Quartile 4
  • Set DIM Range Between 150 and 999 (This includes all cows in the 4th quartile that have been milking at least 150 DIM
  • Click on "Apply Filter"
  • Under File Exports, click on CSV (Excel)
  • This will export your file into Excel software (if that is on your computer)
  • Click on top of Column I (Due Date), Sort from oldest to newest. This will generate a list with cows closest to freshening at the top of the list and those farthest away from freshening and cows not confirmed pregnant at the bottom. You might want to pick cows freshening within 6 months as ones you want to keep. Highlight these cows, right click on your mouse and click delete. Next, sort the remaining cows by ME AVG LBS DEV MILK, FAT or Protein, Smallest to Largest. Cows at the top of the list are excellent candidates for culling. They are all in your herd's 4th Quartile insofar as genetic potential, over 150 DIM, either open or due more than six months from now and are the lowest producers in your herd.
  • To pick their replacements, go back to the online Genetic Selection Guide and pick the Heifer Report.  Select 1st and 2nd Quartile. Enter age between 20 and 999 months. Apply filter.
  • Next click on Due Date. You have now generated a list of heifers ordered by their due date to replace the cows on the list you generated earlier.
  • Fourth Quartile heifers are candidates for sale, either for export or domestically. Depending on your needs and relative Estimated NetMerit$ values, 3rd Quartile heifers are candidates for sale or could be included above in the pool of replacements for 4th Quartile cows.