Genetic Selection Guide

Maximize the genetics in your herd while enhancing the herd of the future.

The Genetic Selection Guide offers the following:

  • Genotypic and phenotypic information for replacement decisions  
  • Tools for managing your herd's breeding program
  • Information for assisting in genomic testing decisions
  • Tools to manage your replacement selection process

Genetic Selection Guide (GSG) information is separated into three reports: the Cow Report, the Heifer Report and the Progeny Report. The progeny report (based on expected offspring from cows bred and confirmed pregnant), can be used to review calves that are due to be born in the upcoming eight months.

"I think AgSource's Genetic Selection Guide has tremendous value. It's easy to look at and I can quickly see which are my best animals and my worst."

Hank Wagner
Wagner Farms,
Oconto, Wis

Report Frequency

The GSG-Cows and GSG-Heifers are updated three times a year, immediately following each USDA sire run.  Since the GSG-Progeny is based on breeding records and pregnancy confirmations reported on test day, this report will be available as part of the regular test day reports.

Report Options

Members can receive the GSG as a paper report or by accessing the information via MyAgSource. Online reports allow users to sort and filter data and are updated after monthly test dates.

Report Details

The Genetic Selection Guide is powerful because it contains both genotypic and phenotypic information on individual animals in a herd. All three reports divide animals into quartiles based on their Net Merit$ (NM$). NM$ is the most widely accepted measure of a cow or heifer's genotypic ability to produce milk over a lifetime.  For more individual report information, follow the links in the left menu.


The Fine Print

To receive the full value of these reports, you must submit certain herd details to AgSource. This includes:

  • Accurate sire and dam identification
  • All breeding dates and service sires
  • Pregnancy confirmations
  • Unique permanent identification number for each heifer calf right after birth

Accurate herd inventory information is also dependent on accurate breeding records and pregnancy confirmations for both heifers and cows. Reporting this information adds no cost, but results in accurate pregnancy rates to evaluate a herd's reproductive performance along with service rate, conception rate and pregnancy loss data to troubleshoot if problems exist.
Knowing your herd's projected milking cow inventory over the next six months is key to accurately determining if you have surplus cattle to sell. The "Projected Herd Inventory - Next 6 Months" section of the AgSource Herd Summary answers the surplus question and is a good complementary report to the GSG.

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