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Business Copies and Electronic Downloads

Business Copies and Electronic Downloads

Information is power, and AgSource makes every effort to make the data we provide available to Service Groups (nutritionists, veterinarians, milk quality specialists, lenders and other consultants) working with our members. Service Groups can obtain AgSource information either electronically, in a variety of formats, or as hard copy reports known as Business Copies. Having AgSource provide Service Groups with production information as soon as it is available saves a great deal of time and hassle for both the AgSource member and their service providers. 

Electronic Reports

Each member's AgSource DHI information is available on the DairyCOMP305 I-Loop for electronic download. As soon as a herd's data has been processed, it can be accessed. Service Group members can download individual herd data into their consultant's version of DairyCOMP305. This powerful program allows the user virtually unlimited capability to analyze trends on a dairy. AgSource staff can help Service Group members access data from the I-Loop. 

Click here for more information on the I-Loop and DairyCOMP305 or other popular electronic download options including AgSourceDM.com.

Business Copy Reports

Almost all AgSource DHI reports are available as Business Copies that can be mailed to Service Groups at the same time as member reports. These reports allow Service Groups to view the same information as their customers.

AgSource respects the privacy of each member's information, and therefore requires the Service Group requesting a member's data to provide the member's Release Code on the Electronic Access and Business Copy Enrollment Form. The Release Code is a ten letter code found on the Mailer Page and the bottom right side of the Herd Summary. All fees for these reports are billed to the Service Groups.

Click here for the Electronic Access and Business Copy Enrollment Form.