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HMO Reports

HMO Reports are optional paper reports AgSource members can use to help manage their herds on a day-to-day basis. They are designed so the manager can enter data such as freshening and breeding dates right on the reports. Providing this information on the reports makes it easy for your Field Technician to record this data. AgSource members can order individual HMO reports or buy packages of Cow Management Reports, Heifer Management Reports and/or Pocket Reports.

Cow Management Reports

Cow Management Reports take the guesswork out of everything from knowing which cows can be bred in the next 30 days to which cows will be calving in the next two months.

Heifer Management Reports & Inventory

Heifer Management Reports provide a wide range of information from who should be vaccinated to calving due dates. They also are very valuable for maintaining an accurate heifer inventory.

Pocket Reports

Pocket Reports have most of the data full sized HMO reports contain. However, as their name indicates, they are designed to be carried in your pocket. Producers can enter data on these reports for personal use or for updating records with the Field Technician.