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CI-US-DA-OVcidr-EN.jpgOne of the primary goals of a successful breeding program is excellent heat detection. To make that goal a reality, use the EAZI-BREEDTM CIDR® to breed more cattle in less time. The fact is, by narrowing the window of estrus, EAZI-BREEDTM CIDR®s will improve the timing and efficiency of your current breeding program.

The EAZI-BREEDTM CIDR® is a t-shaped device impregnated with progesterone. Once placed into the animal's vagina, the CIDR will continuously release progesterone. Upon removal of the insert seven days later, the drop in progesterone will trigger estrus and ovulation. Benefits of using this controlled breeding program include:

  • Higher pregnancy rates
  • Easier and more accurate heat detection
  • Improved value from semen and greater genetic gain, due to greater potential for successful artificial insemination (A.I.)
  • More focused heat detection and easier A.I. breeding since groups of cattle come into heat and can be bred at approximately the same time
  • Heifers freshening at a younger age
  •  Improved efficiencies in labor management
  • A more profitable herd

For more information to order, contact your DHI Field Technician or AgSource Representative or call (800) 236-4995.