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Lawn and Garden Soil Tests
Lawn and Soil Doctor Sampling Procedures
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Lawn and Garden Soil Tests

Soil-Dr-3-2012.jpgLet the Soil Doctor examine your soil and prescribe what is needed to help keep it healthy.

Individualized Diagnosis
The Soil Doctor checks your lawn or garden for soil pH, lime requirements, potassium and phosphorus and prescribes fertilizer to match your needs for lime, phosphorus, potassium and nitrogen.

Detailed Report
This report will be mailed to you promptly after the sample is received and analyzed.

The Soil Doctor Kit includes sampling instructions, sample bag, prepaid soil mailer and a soil information sheet.

No Additional Cost
The purchase price includes comprehensive laboratory analysis, report generation and mailing.

Easy to do
There are no complicated procedures or special tools needed -- any garden shovel or hand potting tool will work.

Click here for lawn/garden submittal forms.

For more information on Lawn and Garden Soil Tests contact us:

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AgSource Laboratories - Bonduel, WI715-758-2178 bonduel@agsource.com