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Reveal™ Livestock Marker

Reveal™ Livestock Marker

RevealTM is a specially formulated, water-based, non-toxic paint made in the USA, used for estrus detection and general marking identification in cattle. It also contains a bittering agent to prevent animals from licking it off.

Once applied to an animal, Reveal forms a scab on the hair. The scab breaks off when the animal is ridden. If an animal is not ridden, the paint lasts for weeks with minimal touch-up required every 7-10 days.

Reveal-IMG_5612-web.jpgOne 500 ml bottle will paint 75-100 cows making Reveal an affordable heat detection aid. Reveal is available in four fluorescent colors - Yellow, Red, Green and Blue.

Application Procedures

  • Remove any loose hair and dirt from the tailhead.
  • Shake bottle well before removing cap.
  • Turn bottle upside down and squeeze lightly.
  • Apply a 2"x6" strip of paint to the tailhead going against the hair.
  • Rinse out bottle brush with water before replacing the cap to insure maximum paint flow for next use.
  • Touch-up as needed.

RevealTM Management System

  • Red - fresh cows immediately after calving
  • Green - cows to be bred
  • Blue - cows bred but not confirmed pregnant
  • Yellow - cows confirmed pregnant


Not Only a Heat Detection Aid

RevealTM can be used as more than just a heat detection aid. Mark animals with treated quarters, indicate animals for shots, or use different colors for sorting cows into milking groups. The possibilities are endless. When the mark is no longer needed, just use a curry comb to remove.

For more information to order, contact your DHI Field Technician or 
AgSource Representative or call (800) 236-4995.