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Laboratory Accuracy
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Laboratory Accuracy

A rigorous quality control program, state-of-the art instrumentation and a full-time laboratory staff is standard when you select AgSource Laboratories - Lincoln as your testing partner. You benefit from our years of experience and substantial investment in testing technology, each and every time we perform an analysis.

A scientific-based and effective turf management program is dependent upon your ability to accurately assess a variety of variables including fertility issues, proper soil amendments, and drainage problems-just to name a few.

Accurate data leads to accurate decisions.

  • Track fertility trends over time, ex. increase/decrease in phosphorus or soil pH over time, comes with consistent data
  • Troubleshoot problem areas, get the right answer to "why" an area is an issue
  • Recommendations of fertilizer and soil amendments-apply the right amount at the right time
  • Substantiate nutrient uptake through plant tissue analysis, ex. Is the high zinc from the soil test being taken up by the plant?
  • Monitor soil drainage conditions to quantify and determine the affects of soil amendments, mechanical aerification-even the need for tile drainage or the dreaded decision to reconstruct poor quality greens.

For more information please contact:

AgSource Harris Laboratories - Lincoln, NE402-476-0300harrislabs@agsource.com
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