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Soil Analysis

G-11814-16-Soil-Components.jpgBenefits of Soil Testing

*** Introducing AgSource's Soil Health Assessment! 

This new report combines the chemical and physical tests of traditional soil testing with biological assessments of microbial activity to provide a measure of the quality of the soil. 

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Growers should use soil testing as a management tool for making scientifically sound management decisions about their soil fertility program. A fertility management program based on information from soil test results can benefits the farmer in many ways.

  • Improved yields and profitability from providing needed nutrients for the crop.
  • Opportunity to increase the uniformity of nutrient availability across a field, so that optimum response to other management inputs can be achieved.
  • More uniform crop growth which makes the individual plants more competitive with weeds and simplifies other management practices such as cultivation, spraying, etc.
  • More uniform maturing dates for all plants within a field simplifies harvesting and drying of the crops, and potentially improves market quality.
  • Fertilizer dollars can be allocated to the nutrients that will give the greatest increase in profit. With intensive sampling and variable-rate fertilizer application technology becoming available, there is increased potential for fine tuning fertilizer applications within a field.

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