Herd Summary


Using color coding, graphics and an intuitive layout, the Herd Summary provides a clear and concise picture of where your herd is today and where you've been over the past year. The Production, Reproductive, Genetic and inventory sections not only identify problem areas but allows users to drill down and identify causes.

Extensive use of graphs brings home that a picture is worth a thousand words. Trends, both good and bad, are easy to identify.

Look closer and see if management changes you made brought about improvements.

There is a wealth of other information on the AgSource website about the Herd Summary. If you would like:

      Definitions on the formulas behind the numbers
      To learn how to interpret and use the Herd Summary information (16 pgs.)
      A printable PDF on Using the Herd Summary
      Click here for Herd Summary in Spanish
      Click here for explanation of the Herd Summary in Spanish 

For questions on the Herd Summary, contact your DHI Field Technician, AgSource Representative or call (800) 236-4995.