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RodneyBackus-web.jpg DMonCellPhone-web.jpg

If you are looking for an economical yet powerful herd management program that lets you take your herd information everywhere, check out AgSource's revamped AgSourceDM. AgSourceDM is an internet based herd management program, allowing you the ability to access and modify your herd data from any internet ready device, including PC's, tablets and smartphones. All you need is an Internet connection to access and modify your herd information. There is nothing to install on your computer. You don't have to worry about backing up your data. Your herd information is secure on the AgSource server. Program enhancements and updates are done automatically and are at no cost to you.

AgSourceDM runs through your Internet browser. It has the rare combination of being easy to use, yet can generate a myriad of different reports. Test day is much simpler because your Field Technician can seamlessly import your herd data from AgSourceDM into their computer. That means less chance for data entry errors and more accurate management information.


The Main Menu is broken out in categories for Data Entry, Reports and Graphs and Program Settings. The menu is well organized and takes you right where you want to go. 


Data entry is done through the use of Cow Pages. These Cow Pages allow users to easily select and view information.


When operating AgSourceDM from most smartphones and some tablets, the main navigation screens will appear a bit different. This is because the program is "smart enough" to recognize the screen resolution and makes adjustments, allowing for easier navigation from a smaller device.


Each Menu Item is expandable, and by clicking on the +, users are able to select the area of each menu item they wish to access.                                                                                                      

Whether doing entry from your office on your PC, or out in the barn on a tablet or smartphone, AgSourceDM has made accessing and entering herd information very user friendly. Our interactive reports allow users to view and make entries right from the report, making Vet Check that much easier. No need to right flip back and forth between report and entry screens- it can be done all from one screen.


By clicking on the pencil, users will be redirected to the entry screen. Once the entry is made and processed, they will go right back to their report.

By combining simplicity, practicality and support by AgSource Support staff, AgSourceDM is an ideal herd management program for all sized dairy operations. If you are interested in learning more about AgSourceDM, visit http://www.agsourcedm.com/ and register for your risk free, no cost trial.

AgSourceDM is available exclusively to dairy producers that process their DHI information through AgSource Cooperative. If you are unsure if you would qualify for access, please feel free to contact our customer service department at 800-236-4995.