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Laboratory Accuracy

Laboratory Accuracy

A rigorous quality control program, state-of-the art instrumentation and a full-time laboratory staff is standard when you select AgSource Laboratories as your testing partner. You benefit from our years of experience and substantial investment in testing technology, each and every time we perform an analysis.

A scientific-based and effective management program is dependent upon your ability to accurately assess a variety of variables including fertility issues, proper soil amendments, and drainage problems-just to name a few.

Accurate data leads to accurate decisions.

  • Track fertility trends over time. This allows the producer to fine tune fertilizer application rates and product selection.
  • Determine the need and effectiveness of soil amendments.
  • Troubleshoot problem areas within a field; is it related to fertility, compaction, soil texture, drainage or grower management.

Soil, plant and water analysis are vital monitoring tools that can impact your crop management program. With the information you gain from a laboratory test, you can evaluate overall fertility, troubleshoot specific problem areas. In addition, testing and analysis reports can help you judge the overall effectiveness of your current applications and determine the right adjustments for optimum health of your crop. Determinations are based on analysis type, annual volume and client histories.

For laboratory specific information regarding turf analysis, test packages/supplies, technical bulletins, sampling guides or feature reports please contact one of our laboratories nearest you listed below:

Laboratory Locations:

AgSource Laboratories - Bonduel, WI715-758-2178 bonduel@agsource.com 
AgSource Laboratories - Ellsworth, IA 515-836-4444ellsworth@agsource.com 
AgSource Laboratories - Lincoln, NE 402-476-0300 lincoln@agsource.com 
AgSource Laboratories - Umatilla, OR541-922-4894 umatilla@agsource.com