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Water Sampling Instructions

Water Sampling Instructions

  • A water sample MUST be taken in a sterile container provided by the laboratory.
  • Do not touch the inside of the jar or lid because they are sterile.
  • Collect the sample from a point as close to the well as possible. (For best results do not collect a water sample from a point after a water softener.)
  •  If the faucet used has an aerator on it, remove the aerator before taking the sample.
  • Bacteria are sometimes present on the rim of the faucet. To sterilize the faucet prior to sampling, light a book of matches to "torch" the faucet. Or you may heat it with a propane torch a few seconds, being careful not to damage the faucet.
  • Turn on the water and let it run for a minimum of five (5) minutes before collecting the water sample
  • Open the bottle and place it under the slowly flowing water stream. Fill the bottle to within ½ inch of the top of the bottle. Cap the bottle tightly and record the Sample Collection Time/Date on the Information Sheet.
  • Deliver the sample and the completed Information Sheet form to AgSource Laboratories as soon as possible. Call ahead for hours and drop-off information. Inaccurate results may occur if samples are delayed. Samples held for over 24 hours may be rejected for analysis. 
For more information on Environmental Water Sampling Instructions contact us at one of our laboratories below:  

Laboratory Locations:

AgSource Laboratories - Ellsworth, IA515-836-4444ellsworth@agsource.com
AgSource Laboratories - Marshfield, WI715-898-1402marshfield@agsource.com
AgSource Laboratories - Menomonie, WI715-235-1128menomonie@agsource.com
AgSource Laboratories - Umatilla, OR541-922-4894umatilla@agsource.com