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Proficiency Programs

Proficiency Programs

The participation in independent testing programs is a key component in the AgSource Laboratories - Lincoln Quality Control program. We consistently reproduce check sample data within the highest standards of participating laboratories - not all laboratories are accurate.

Proficiency Testing Programs (Outside Check Sample Programs)

Proficiency testing programs are operated by a third party, non-profit association.  Participation in a proficiency testing program is a valuable improvement tools for AgSource Laboratories - Lincoln. Three key proficiency testing programs that we participate are:

  • North American Proficiency Testing (NAPT)
  • Greenhouse and Nursery Media Analysis Proficiency (GNMAP)
  • Agriculture Laboratory Proficiency Program (ALP)

Both groups submit reference samples to AgSource Laboratories on a quarterly base, for analysis. Laboratory results from the participating laboratory are then compared with data from all of the participating laboratories. Statistics are then determined so that laboratory data can be compared. Many state agriculture departments use these programs to determine laboratory accuracy for approving laboratory certification. Both programs manage soil, plant and irrigation water samples.

The function and operation of this proficiency program is similar to the NAPT and ALP programs. The same objectives are met. The GNMAP program submits soil-less media and nutrient solutions for analysis.

Participation in outside check sample programs gives AgSource Laboratories insight into the measurement processes that translates into improved performance and enhanced measurement quality. They provide professional administration of inter-laboratory comparison/proficiency tests and round robins. All programs are conducted in accordance with current quality guidelines and standards. Test results are accepted by all recognized accreditation bodies as being technically sound and in conformance with required standards.

For more information please contact:

AgSource Harris Laboratories - Lincoln, NE402-476-0300harrislabs@agsource.com
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