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Quality Control

Quality Control

AgSource Harris Laboratories utilizes a rigorous Quality Control (QC) program supported by an experienced and dedicated analytical team. The quality program is defined and measured with a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) document. This dictates the following action steps:
  • Instrumentation set up, standardization and maintenance (fully documented)
  • Preparation and implementation date for standards and extracting reagents.
  • Testing and documentation of spike recoveries.
  • Number of daily check samples
  • Number of daily replicate samples
  • Number of weekly re-analyzed samples
  • Number of blind-check samples
  • Participation of outside operated proficiency testing programs

The laboratory maintains a complete record of all supporting QC data for each report item. The aim of this program is simple: To provide error-free, substantiated, analytical data of precision and accuracy, governed solely by instrumentation limitations. To view a PDF with more information about our QC procedures, click here.

If you are concerned about laboratory accuracy, here is a simple list of questions you can ask to effectively judge for accuracy.

  1. In which proficiency testing programs do you participate?
  2. What are the processes and procedures in place to ensure accuracy?
  3. Is your laboratory operations personnel staffed with full-time employees?
  4. Does your laboratory chart QC data?


For more information please contact:

AgSource Harris Laboratories  402-476-0300 harrislabs@agsource.com  


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