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Request Mailers

Most of our customers prefer to bring samples into our testing facility in Jerome, ID. For those who can't or who find it more convenient, we offer pre paid USPS mailers to ship feed samples to be tested. Just email us and let us know how many mailers you would like and include your contact information along with an email address and phone number. We will verify your request (via email or phone) and mail your requested mailers.

Milk samples may be shipped to us in plastic totes. We also recomend using our styrofoam holders for the samples. To request the styrofoam holders or if you have any other questions about sending us your milk samples, email the milk lab or call the lab at (208)324-7511 or Toll Free at (800)284-7511.

When having samples tested by our laboratory, proper identification is needed, please use our forage submittal form.