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Udder Health Management
Udder Health Management Summary
Udder Health Management Cow Report
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Udder Health Management

AgSource is committed to helping you produce high quality milk to increase your profitability. AgSource offers a variety of solutions to help control the mastitis loss in your herd. Let's face it - no one likes to throw money down the drain.

Mastitis robs dairy producers of nearly $200 per cow annually. This cheats you in various ways: decreased milk production, treatment cost, discarded milk, death and premature culling and plummeted milk quality and premiums. And no one has put a "hassle" value on time spent milking mastitic cows last, hand stripping them and the time treating infected cows.

One infected quarter shrinks production 1,600 pounds per lactation. Each Linear Score (LSCR) increase above 2 decreases milk production by 275 pounds for 1st lactation cows and by 585 pounds for older cows.

You can't afford premium and production losses due to high somatic cell counts in your herd.

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For questions about Udder Health Management talk to your DHI Field Technician or AgSource Representative or call (800) 236-4995 for more information