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January, 2018
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Marshall named AgSource 2016 Friend of the Cooperative

  AgSource Board President, Daniel Diederich (L) and COO, Pat Baier (R), congratulate Jeanne Marshall, recipient of AgSource’s 2016 Friend of the Cooperative Award. 

AgSource Cooperative Services recognized Jeanne Marshall, former Associate Vice President of Information Services, as the 2016 Friend of the Cooperative at the AgSource Annual Meeting, held in Bloomington, Minn., on January 27. The award honors a non-member individual or an organization that has contributed to, supported and helped strengthen AgSource, its services and the dairy industry as a whole.

Marshall’s service to the cooperative spanned more than three decades. She began her career in 1979, when she was hired to manage the data entry department, which included nearly 30 employees. At that time, the cooperative served 15,000 dairy herds and processed records for 660,000 cows. All reports were printed on preprinted forms in duplicate, and carbon paper needed to be removed prior to mailing.  As data entry and computing capabilities grew more sophisticated, Marshall was asked to manage computer operations and eventually systems development for the dairy records processing center.

Her introduction of a server-based system allowed for more secure data storage and the development of new, colorful dairy herd management reports that are a hallmark of the cooperative. Marshall excelled at turning data into actionable information that can be quickly understood while directing the herd manager’s eye to matters that require attention. Much changed during the course of her tenure. While the data entry department and computers shrank in size, dairy herds have grown.  Today, AgSource continues to serve nearly 660,000 cows, but they represent just 4,000 dairy herds. And though paper reports are still made available, immediate online access to herd data and management information has long since negated the need for carbon paper.

“AgSource has been in the business of converting on-farm records into valuable management information for more than fifty years.  Computer technology has made this possible, and Jeanne Marshall has utilized and adapted ever-changing technologies to best serve our cooperative’s members and customers,” states Pat Baier, AgSource COO.  “We thank her for her contribution to AgSource, the dairy industry and agriculture as a whole and wish her well in retirement.”

AgSource is the largest, full-service DHI provider in the country, conducting research and development, field data collection, laboratory analysis and diagnostics, management information, meter service and outreach and education. AgSource is a member-owned cooperative and a subsidiary of Cooperative Resources International. Learn more at www.AgSource.com.