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Soil Supplies
  Qty. Soil Sample Bags
  Qty. Soil Information Sheets (to return with samples)

Plant Tissue Supplies
  Qty. Tissue Sample Bags
  Qty. Tissue Information Sheets (to return with samples)

Water Supplies
  Qty. Water Sample bottles
  Qty. Bacteria Water Sample bottles (Must be shipped on ice in a small cooler and sent overnight!)
  Qty. Water Information Sheets (to return with samples)

Manure Supplies
  Qty. Manure Testing Kits (includes sample container, submittal form, submittal instructions, and box for shipping)

Miscellaneous Supplies
  Qty. Sampling Procedures for Soil
  Qty. Sampling Procedures for Plant Tissue
  Qty. Sampling Procedures for Water
  Qty. Sampling Procedures for Manure

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