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AgSource Herd Selection Guide Order Form
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Release Code is a ten letter code on your mailer page & also on the front and back of your Herd Summary in the bottom right corner.

Herd Selection Guide Inputs
  Defaults Personal Farm Information
Reproduction Cost ($/cow per month) $20 $
Last Month After Calving to Breed a Cow 10 months   month(s)
Do-not-Breed Cow Minimum Milk (lb/day) 50 lbs   lbs
Average Cow Body Weight (lbs) 1306 lbs   lbs
Replacement Cost ($/cow) $1300 $
Salvage Value ($/lbs live weight) $0.38 $
Calf Value ($/calf) $100 $
Milk Price ($/cwt) $18.00 $
Feed Cost Lactating Cows ($/lb dry matter) $0.10 $
Feed Cost Dry Cows ($/lb dry matter) $0.08 $
Interest Rate (%/year) 6%   %

If you are ordering only the Herd Selection Guide.
Choose this selection:    You will be billed $75.
If you are ordering the Herd Selection Guide together with the Profit Opportunity Analyzer.
If you are ordering the Profit Opportunity Analyzer, AgSource Staff will meet with you and your team of consultants to fully explain the report.
Choose this selection:    You will be billed $200. (POA valued at $150)
and fill in the inputs below.
Profit Opportunity Analyzer Inputs
Benchmark Comparison:
Herd Size
Top Herds
Target Age at First Calving (months):
Average Female Offspring (annual %):
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Process report after next test day
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If you have questions, call 1-800-236-0097 and ask for Customer Service.